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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ally Bank "Pony" Commercial

The Ally Bank "Pony" commercial claims that "even kids know it's wrong to hold out on somebody. Why don't banks?" Two grade schools girls are seated at a table with a man in a business suit and one girl is asked "Would you like a pony?" When she says yes the man gives her a toy pony. When the other little girl also says yes the man calls to a real pony hidden off camera. The first girl is visibly upset and the man claims "you didn't ask" when she says "You didn't say I could have a REAL one." The voiceover closes with the tag: "It's just the right thing to do."

This commercial is upsetting on its face because of the obvious manipulation of the children. But the point is well made that banks have become artful at deception when dealing with customer questions and expectations. Hopefully the little girl got a ride on the pony after the cameras stopped rolling!

Ally Bank (a division of GMAC): Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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  1. Love ALL of the those Ally bank commercials. Keep 'em coming.