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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AT&T 3G vs. Verizon with "Headless" Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson stands between two screens which are downloading images of him from AT&T 3G on the left and Verizon on the right. The AT&T version naturally downloads more quickly and that Luke Wilson clone steps out and shakes hands with himself. The Verizon clone never finishes downloading and that Luke Wilson steps out of his screen without a head. Of course that means the Verizon Luke Wilson stumbles around a bit and pulls a pratfall to the floor off camera. The real Luke Wilson comments "That's just not right" as the Narrator closes with the tag "AT&T. A Better 3G Experience."

Are we really supposed to believe this is an accurate representation of true download speeds for both networks? If not, then what is really being proved here? Does this kind of marketing really work? Do people actually make up their minds based on deception disguised as lighthearted comedy? More importantly, what happened to Luke Wilson? He's put on some unflattering weight lately. We would have been better off if his recently acquired beer belly were cropped out instead. That's something we can believe a movie star would actually buy into.

AT&T: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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