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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chrysler 300 "Nightlife" Commercial

The Chrysler 300 "Nightlife" commercial was seen on ABC. The commercial claims that the car gives drivers "300 ways / to put the life / back in nightlife" by showing glamorous shots of men dancing with women who are wearing short dresses exposing their legs and low-cut necklines exposing breast cleavage. The scenes switch between shots of the people dancing and shots of them traveling in the car and enjoying the ride with quick reflections of light shining on the car through the night. The women riding in the car make seductive looks as they ride. At the end, the voiceover says: "Connect to Energy, Connect to Style".

Song: Dean Martin - Sway ft. Julie London

It's a hip, sexy, fun, energetic commercial that gives the Chrysler 300 an attitude and definitely makes you want to go out there and dance! Too bad you can't dance in the car, but it seems like it's spacious enough to have at least a small party inside.

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