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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disney World "Give a Day" Commercial

The commercial opens with actor Taye Diggs and Miss Piggy riding a spinning tea saucer ride, while holding hands and looking at each other. The scene switches and Ms. Piggy is eating an ice cream sundae, while Taye Diggs gazes into her eyes. Suddenly, Taye Diggs is dressed up like a prince, carrying a pillow with a glass slipper. He kneels down in front of a horse carriage and looks up at Miss Piggy. The slipper falls off of the pillow and the scene changes to a pile of wood.  Miss Piggy is startled out of her daydream, where workers are seen building a house. Taye Diggs speaks to other Muppet volunteers and explains that they need to complete the day of service to receive a free ticket to Disney World. Miss Piggy then yells at them to get back to work. The commercial ends with the narrator telling the viewer to “Give a Day, Get a Ticket.”

This delightful commercial gets people excited about performing community service. It has a comedic twist with Miss Piggy and Taye Diggs, yet focuses on the point that everyone, even celebrities, can serve. This gives Disney an even better loved image. You've got to love Miss Piggy's attitude, probably one of the best Muppet characters ever created!

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