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Friday, January 22, 2010

Domino's Pizza "The Pizza Turnaround" Commercial

In the Domino's Pizza "The Pizza Turnaround" Commercial, company President Patrick Doyle explains why they have reformulated their pizza. "There comes a time when you just know you gotta make a change." The spot moves through scenes of employees working in kitchens, focus group observatories and conference rooms discussing negative feedback from customers and what they have to do about it. A chef in a kitchen talks about new ingredients and exclaims "Real Cheese!" while there are shots of the new pizza and favorable reactions from customers. The spot closes with the top chef's reassuring us that if we don't like it we can get our money back. Not just half our money back. All our money back.

Huh? WTF? What did they have in Domino's pizza all these years if it wasn't real cheese, real dough and real sauce? I don't think anyone has ever thought Domino's pizza was anywhere near as good as a traditional NY style pizza or even a Chicago style deep dish. But we knew what we were getting into when we didn't feel like trudging out to the restaurant and relied on delivery instead. It wasn't terrible. Or (gulp) bad for us... or was it? Anyway, you can bet there will be a huge rush to try this "new" pizza which turns out to be real pizza, so score one for the marketing team. I for one am a little ticked off that I've been fooled all these years.

We couldn't find the commercial itself but did find a "documentary" Domino's put out there. It's even got a cliffhanger. This is Part 1. If you find the ad, please comment with the link. Thanks!

Domino's Pizza: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: Dominos Sponsored "Documentary", YouTube

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