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Friday, January 15, 2010

E*Trade "Talking Baby" Golf Commercial

The E*Trade "Talking Baby" golf commercial is a continuation of the famous "Talking Baby" spots and shows the cute baby in the clubhouse after a round of golf with his buddy Frank, who is putting away his clubs in the background. Baby advises Frank to get on E*Trade and "do some analytics" because he's trying to cheat Talking Baby out of his winnings for the skins game they just played. After calling Frank a "shankapottamus" the Announcer says "Take control. With one of the most powerful investing machines there is."

Talking Baby has caused an Internet sensation because of the nearly flawless technology that allows a baby to talk and act like a 20-Something slacker. Whether or not E*Trade is actually a good company or not doesn't matter when you have such a novel gimmick fronting the operation. You know what they say. "Out of the mouths of babes..."

E*Trade: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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