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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Geico Money Commercials

No doubt about it, Geico has it together when it comes to their advertisements. The Geico money commercials are great - they make you feel hip (the Mysto and Pizzi remix of the Rockwell song "Somebody's Watching Me" is going to get stuck in your head, guaranteed). On top of that, the scenarios where the money stares at people makes you feel like you could actually cozy up with this stack of Kash and have a pleasant conversation. Or he makes you feel awkward.

We can't do a separate post for all Geico commercials, but this one is dedicated to the Geico stack of cash line of them. We'll touch on the equally brilliant Cavemen and Gecko lizard in forthcoming posts.

Geico: Official Site Wikipedia
Links to Video: Official Video YouTube

Mysto & Pizzi remix of "Somebody's Watchin Me" 
Rockwell - "Somebody's Watchin Me"

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