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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H&R Block "Get It Right" Commercial

The vignette begins with a young man in a barber chair asking if a haircut is a job-hunting expense. Simple guitar music plays and a teenage boy is cutting grass behind a white picket fence. The father is heard asking if his son has to file taxes since he made four figures over the summer. The viewer then sees a young couple carrying an old couch to the sidewalk as a female voice wonders if a charitable donation was just made. The narrator claims H&R Block can handle the trickiest questions, as a frazzled looking woman turns around in her chair wondering if the playroom is considered a home office. The commercial claims that H&R Block will “Get It Right.” The viewer then sees a father in the rain with girl triplets in raincoats telling the viewer he needs money. The commercial ends reminding the viewer that H&R Block will “Get It Right.”

H&R Block connects with people who are trying to find as many tax deductions in this current economy. It shows real people in everyday situations giving the viewer access to a reliable, affordable tax filing service. It's nice to see a company coming from the point of view of their customers in such a real sounding way.

H&R Block: Official Site, Wikipedia
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    who is that guy? I think it's Chris Almonte, but he says it isn't.