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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jameson Whiskey "The Lost Barrel" Commercial

In the Jameson Whiskey "The Lost Barrel" commercial, John Jameson is shown on an 18th century clipper ship securing barrels of whiskey during a violent storm. When one barrel slips over the side he dives in after it. Under the waves we see a giant octopus reaching out a tentacle to ensnare him. The scene shifts to a seaside memorial service weeks later and as the mourners look out to sea in surprise, Jameson wades onto the beach with the barrel over his shoulder. The commercial closes with the tag: Taste Above All Else.

This commercial has set tongues wagging because of its stunning, movie quality production value. The authentic sets, costumes and especially the fantastic octopus who tries to snatch Jameson under the ship are beautifully rendered and absolutely real looking. But the commercial doesn't really make sense. What does it say about the whiskey? Who cares? It's like all tall tales. It doesn't matter if it's true. You believe it anyway. Cheers!

Jameson: Official Site, Wikipedia
Pernod-Ricard (parent company): Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube


  1. What does it say about whiskey? That it's worth jumping into the ocean after, of course :)

  2. If I was going to jump into the ocean after any kind of whiskey, it would be Jameson. The stuff is delicious!