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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Liberator Medical Supply and Holly's Catheters Commercial

This Liberator Medical Supply commercial opens on "Holly" a woman in a meadow explaining earnestly how "devastated" she was to learn she had to reuse catheters every time because she could not afford to buy new ones. Then her mother told her about Liberator Medical Supply. Although she was worried about dealing with strangers over the phone at first, "these strangers quickly became my friends." There are shots of her dreamily strolling through the meadow and playing with her cat as the Announcer explains that recent Medicare rule changes now allow Holly to have a new catheter every time she "caths" and urges us to call Liberator Medical Supply to take advantage of this new benefit. At the close Holly advises "Call Liberator. This call will change your life too."

There's something about this commercial that makes the skin crawl. Holly starts out all bummed out but by the end she's floating on air because of the new friends she met over the phone. You can't help but feel sorry about whatever medical condition she's suffering from but at the same time you detect the manipulation used by the company. It's obviously a pitch to get people to take advantage of Medicare and it feels like if you do make the call you'll be participating in a medical billing scam. I'd rather keep boiling.

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  1. I've seen these commercials and Holly looks like a very beautiful active young women so I'm stumped on why she would need a catheter. I would understand it if she was paralyzed. However, She appears to be very healthy.

  2. Holly has multiple schlerosis and interstistial cystitis. Her father died from the same genetic illness at 32 ...awaiting a kidney transplant while on dialysis. He looked healthy too..even in the coffin sat 32.

  3. Holly is a paid actor

  4. Holly clark Mustang ..holly is a real person. Not a paid actor