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Friday, January 8, 2010

USPS "Creepy Clown" Commercial

A mailman delivering packages finds a man, his wife and 2 kids afraid to go into their house. When asked, they reveal they ordered a gift online but they're not sure what to do with it. They point inside the house and "Psycho" style music plays as the camera zooms in on a creepy clown doll. The mailman advises they should just return the clown in a USPS standard size shipping box, saying "If it fits, it ships." The dad says, "Good, because we have to get that out of this house." The camera closes in to show the clown doll has moved to the front door without being seen and it scares everyone. The "Psycho" music plays again as the Narrator says "Only from the Postal Service. A simpler way to ship. And return."

Who knew the Post Office was funny? When you think of mailmen it's more an image of dog bites and disgruntled former employees. By using pop culture references like Hitchcock and evil clowns, the USPS makes their product more memorable. The reasonable pricing and convenient service should have UPS and FedEx thinking twice about their supposed dominance of the market. Let's just hope they don't go Postal.

US Postal Service: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube


  1. where can I buy one of those clown dolls?

  2. Same here. Where can I buy the clown doll? Too cute!

  3. Can anybody out there help me with the names of the actors who portray they mailman and the father? I would really appreciate any and all help.

  4. Mike bradecich is the mailman