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Thursday, January 21, 2010 "Identity Jack" Commercial

In the "Identity Jack" commercial a young businessman type is riding a bus and begins to see that the faces of some of the riders are fake and come flying off. The Announcer says "They walk among us. Those who would steal your very identity." The man steps off the bus into a portal that resembles the entry to a pagoda. On the other side he accesses a screen that helps him to control his finances more safely as the V/O continues, saying "Master your money. Learn to defend yourself at" As the man manipulates the screen the Announcer delivers the tag line, "Are you ready to achieve Zendough?"

The digital imagery in this spot is spectacular and it helps to take your mind off the real question: does this really work? If your identity is stolen despite this company's "protection" what can be done? A little investigation reveals this is an offshoot of the giant credit scoring company TransUnion. Why should we pay a separate fee to a company that should already be doing everything they can to protect our credit information for no extra charge? Potential customers deserve to know more. I'm keeping my money in a mattress. Official Site
TransUnion (parent company): Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: Official Video, YouTube

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  1. Who is the actor?
    He looks like young Jim Carrey.