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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Axe Deodorant "Moto X" Commercial

In the Axe Deodorant "Moto X" commercial, Adam Jones is getting ready to jump a ramp on his dirt racing bike. As he rolls down the ramp the audience goes wild as he executes a perfect rollover and lands safely on the opposite end. As the crowd cheers we see a replay as the Announcer excitedly proclaims "Did you see that! Double pits to chesty!" The closeup shows that Adam sprays his armpits with Axe spray as he's executing the move. As Adam is cheered by the crowd a gorgeous woman with a microphone sniffs his chest area instead of interviewing him. The male Announcer closes with "3 sprays to deodorant greatness. Learn the moves at"

This is another in the innovative "Double Pits To Chesty" series of AXE deodorant commercials. The ads are memorable for their digital imagery and tongue-in-cheek approach. Targeting a specific 20-something audience means you must be both humorous and instructive to get the message across. This series of spots gets the job done exceedingly well. I'm not 20-something but I have AXE deodorant in my medicine cabinet based solely on watching these ads. Now I just have to learn how to do a 360 Cliff Hanger...

Axe: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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