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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flo Sells Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

"Flo" is the salesgirl at the mock Progressive Insurance retail outlet. She's very popular with fans and in this spot she walks up to a guy looking over the product on the shelves. He says "You're good" when she brings up motorcycle insurance because she noticed his helmet. They flirt a bit as they discuss the options Progressive Insurance offers and she reveals that, rather than his guess that she rides "a 500" she actually rides a "900 V-Twin." A female Announcer closes with the tag: Now that's progressive.

Quirky characters sell product and Flo is as quirky as they come. She's always chipper and fun and web fans have made her quite a minor celebrity in her own right. But what does that tell you about Progressive Insurance? Nothing. And since I'm not looking for motorcycle insurance, I won't be calling to find out. But I'd sure love to pop into that fake store. I wouldn't mind flirting a bit with Flo. I might get lucky and score a ride home on the back of that bike.

Progressive Insurance: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: Official Video, YouTube

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