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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kayak Travel "Grandfather" Commercial

A Grandfather is packing for a trip in a darkened room. An airline style tote board is tabulating on the wall behind him as his son comes into the room and says "Mom tells me you're going on a trip." Grandfather stops packing and says "I'm returning to where it all happened. We were just boys." As the son anxiously watches, Grandfather goes on. "We stormed that beach like it was already ours. After the first shot it was all a blur. Bombshells everywhere. Now I'm returning to the scene of my finest hour." The tote board behind stops on "Cancun" as a female voice over says "Compare hundreds of travel sites all at once. Kayak. Search one and done."

A few times a year a spot comes along that is so brilliant you have to see it a few times to understand what it really means. This is one of them. What at first seems like a military veteran determined to recall a glorious battle is in actuality an older guy ready to have some fun by reliving a great beach vacation. Without Mom. Classic misdirection. It makes you want to visit immediately. Even if you're not thinking about taking a trip. That's great advertising.

Kayak: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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