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Sunday, April 11, 2010

KGB "Hamster" Commercial

Two slacker teen types are on the couch eating cereal and watching a hamster playing in a Habitrail ball. One asks the other "Can you milk a hamster?" The question comes through at the KGB (Knowledge Generation Bureau) HQ and the two actor/spokespersons attempt to answer it by milking a real hamster. As the spot closes the teens are watching a man having coffee and asking "What is this soy?" of the milk he pours into his coffee. The teens answer "Sort of" and the man says "Delightful" as he scratches his neck. A male Announcer closes with the tag: Text your question to 542 542.

How does this company make money? I Googled "Can you milk a hamster?" and found that indeed you can. The advertising is very effective as anything offbeat will get attention. But how many people are willing to pay 99 cents for information you can find on the web with only a minimum of searching? Judging by the volume of ads on TV this company runs, apparently plenty.  

KGB: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: Official Video, YouTube

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