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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meow Mix Piano Playing Cat Commercial

The Meow Mix Piano Playing Cat Commercial (AKA "Meow-Nipulation") follows in the tradition of clever spots where cats with spooky talents rule the household. In this one a woman is puttering around the kitchen when she hears some tinkling on the piano in the other room. When she goes to check she sees her cat sleeping on top of the piano. After hearing a few more notes (which are from the famous "Meow, meow, meow, meow" melody) the woman checks again only to see the cat in a different position atop the piano. In the last shot she walks back into the kitchen only to see the cat magically teleported in front of its cat food bowl with a bag of Meow Mix next to it. The female voiceover reminds us that Meow Mix is so good "cats ask for it by name."

This series of commercials works because we all know that cats are spooky and capable of some truly amazing tricks. Now that the piano playing cat is a star on YouTube, this was a natural for the creators of this spot. Staying at the tip of the curve is a good move for any advertiser and Meow Mix proves yet again they've got some of the best minds in the business at the controls. And the scariest cats.

Meow Mix: Official Site, Wikipedia
Video: Official Video, YouTube

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