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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser "Unrecognizable" Commercial

In the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser commercial 2 plastic bottles of the other leading cleaners are watching a woman using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the surfaces in her home. They have the voices of dorm rat college geeks as they say things like "Clean freak" and "Wow. Is he better than us?" The woman is scrubbing various areas like the stove top and kitchen window as the bottles realize the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a better product than they are. As the spot closes, one of the bottles says to the other "I just wanna be squeezed."

The spot is effective because most cleaning commercials have people cleaning up dirty surfaces that don't look like the kinds of stains most of us see around the house. But not this lady. Considering it's such a bright, airy home, she must really be a slob. The stains are crusty and look baked on. The window looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. I am definitely going to look for this product next time I'm at the supermarket because those are the kinds of stains I make all the time and I could use the extra help.

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  1. Is this the version of the commercial in which one mispronounces the word shoe immediately after hearing the word spoken by the other?

  2. Originally this post was written about a different commercial that was not the version where one bottle mispronounces the word "shoe" but I've added the link to that video because it is very related and the video for this commercial no longer exists.

    Anyone who can find the link, feel free to comment!

  3. does anyone know the names of the guys who do the voices for the bottles in that commercial

  4. I swear one of the voices is James Roday.