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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nike - Earl and Tiger Woods Commercial

The Nike Golf commercial floating around right now features Earl Woods, Tiger Woods's deceased father, on voiceover speaking to Tiger, stating that he would be more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion, he wants to find out what his thinking was, and he wants to find out what his feelings are, and whether he learned anything. The commercial features Tiger Woods listening and zooms in slowly on his upper half, as he listens to his father's words. The idea is that Nike supports Tiger through his difficult time and invokes the mentor relationship of his father to sternly forgive and welcomes him back to the sport of golf.

Tiger's personal life aside, this is obviously a carefully orchestrated return from a potentially irreversible and costly public relations disaster for all parties involved. The acceptance of fans is a critical component. Nike is doing their part and everyone seems to want Tiger's return to be a triumphant restoration of the lucrative brand they have created through him. With Tiger sitting in the top three at the Masters tournament heading into this weekend, time will tell if this advertising message will be accompanied by a victory on the greens. Either way, the effect is to solidify the return of Tiger Woods as a modern household brand of morality.

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Video: Official Video
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