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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Scooter Store Commercial

The Scooter Store commercial is hosted by company spokesman Dan Weston as he talks over scenes of people riding around on their electric scooters. The scene shifts to a testimonial by Mary S. of Delaware who talks about getting a call from the company and being told she qualified for a free chair. Dan Weston goes on to say " If we pre-qualify you and Medicare denies your claim, we allow you to keep your new power chair at no cost to you." The spot closes with people enjoying life in the chair as a male Announcer voiceover says, "Let us help you regain your mobility and independence. Call The Scooter Store today."

There's something creepy about this spot, despite the fact that it looks like people appear to actually be getting helped. Do they cold call elderly people who fit some profile? And this guarantee sounds bogus too. It's obvious that pre-qualifying is a lock for getting Medicare to pay for the chair. So there doesn't seem to be any risk for the company. It's highly doubtful they've ever given even one chair away for nothing. The small print on screen tells the whole story: Some Restrictions May Apply. Now that's a guarantee we can believe.

Scooter Store: Official Store, Wikipedia
Video: YouTube

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