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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bud Light - Thomas Jefferson Commercial

There's a Bud Light commercial that's been floating around since about the 4th of July featuring Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and several other founding "buds" acting more like college kids than enlightened revolutionaries. Here's the scene, cheers!

Typical daytime colonial America scene, George Washington approaches Ben Franklin and another Colonist.

Washington: Where the blazes is Jefferson?
Colonist: TJ? He's probably still writing that "Declaration" [mocking laughter]

Thomas Jefferson enters on his horse.

Jefferson: Whoa! [to his horse]
Colonist: Ah, there he is!
Jefferson: Gentlemen! [holds up a couple of six packs of Bud Light, horse neighs in excitement]
Colonist: Here we go! [all laugh]

James Brown's "Living in Amercia" plays while colonial men and women dance together, drinking bottles of Bud Light.

Washington [to a young colonial woman]: Would you like to be the second lady?
Franklin [flirting with a pair of women]: Who loves the Benjamin?! [Leans on a cannon, accidentally fires it off, and creates a firework in the sky above.]

Voiceover: It's the sure sign of a good time. The just right taste of Bud Light. Here we go. ["Living in America" continues... ]

Ben Franklin: We should do this every fourth of July!

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