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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bud Light - Alien Women - "Here We Go!"

An alien spacecraft deposits three seductive alien women on Earth promising unlimited Bud Light for the men they need to come with them. The men give sad looks and say "I'm doing it, for all of us" to their female counter-parts and all board the flying saucer for space. The speaker says "Here We Go!", the ship takes off, then cut back to the women who are suddenly excited the men left and have a Bud Light party of their own.

Tramplicate? Must be worth going into space.

Update: thanks for the help in the comments! We now know that the center alien woman is Israeli model Bar Paly. Here's the other "your tires or your life" Bridgestone commercial she appeared in earlier this year.


  1. is it "tramplicate" or "schlemplicate"?

  2. Ha, I hadn't even noticed this word when watching it before ... apparently they made up the word "tramplicate", meaning just what you'd think.

  3. I love that commercial !!! the talking Alien woman is so hot !!! who is she ?

  4. I thought it was Schmamplicate haha