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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Toyota - Toyotathon Getting the Band Back Together Commercial

This commercial takes place at "Toyotathon" where a straight laced family man is confronted by an old high school bandmate who addresses him by his old nickname and proposes "getting the band back together", to which he declines at the stubborn advisement of his disapproving wife.


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  1. I cannot stand these tired, olayed out "Everyone Loves Raymond" style settings where we are supposed to find it cute that a man has no balls and his wife can pretty much tell him what he can and cannot do. It wouldn't be appealing to women if the tables were please keep that in mind next time you have an urge to create a car commercial

  2. I looked for this commercial on youtube and found this old version. Basically the same thing as the current one. So yeah, I agree with the poster before that this concept is tired.