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Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Care About TV Commercials?

If you watch TV you're bombarded by advertisements at a rate of about 18 commercial minutes per hour - that's 30% of every hour of TV watched, and this percentage continues to grow. Indeed, TV commercials play a significant role in corporate America's influence on society.

Corporations exert a serious force on the public perception of products, services, food, drugs, policies and social norms. This is at the heart of why we created Commercialpedia.  Commercials can be funny, sad, interesting, inciting, manipulative, calming, or otherwise emotional. Most importantly they persuade. Have you ever watched a Papa John's commercial and suddenly wanted pizza? There is always an agenda.

But when do you profess your love for that pizza or perhaps respond to something more serious? To be an active viewer and reply to the conversation the business began? The legacy TV format affords viewers no balance and turns us all into quiet listeners.

We started Commercialpedia to address this lopsided conversation. The public can now organize and talk back to the conversations that corporations are currently having with themselves. If the public's side of the conversation gets loud enough, maybe we can make some waves.

You can contribute to the movement in several ways:

  • Tell your friends about and share reactions (good or bad) to TV commercials. 
  • Follow us on Twitter @commercialpedia and Facebook. We will be increasing our activity in both places soon.
  • Help us find commercial videos, actor names, or other details of interest from popular ads by commenting on individual posts.
  • Let us know about any commercials you think should be featured on the site, or any other feedback you have, by filling out the request form.

Why do you care about TV commercials? Are they just fun or do you watch as a critic? 

We'd love to hear thoughts in the comments!

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