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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calling Out Highly Manipulative TV Commercials

The people over at PhD in Parenting wrote a fascinating post about truth in TV commercial advertising that we wanted to highlight. As they say, "we all like to laugh at advertisements that are so ridiculous that they are funny. But are they really harmless?" It goes on to discuss a public service announcement campaign running through the Advertising Standards Canada which highlights the absurdity of some commercial advertisements. Other ads shown to be almost laughably manipulative are linked here with the companies making ridiculous claims: 

- Nestle: probiotics in baby formula makes infants happy and giggly
- Nutella: it's so natural and healthy
- Lysol: spray toys with chemicals
- Kleenex: sharing towls is gross

The point is clear: TV ads aim to manipulate our collective psyche and move us toward undesired behaviors. Seeing ads like this can serve to validate and renew the mission of Commercialpedia. Where else can you talk back to commercials you disagree with?

Are there other examples of commercials you find particularly inciting, manipulative, or untruthful? We'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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