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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Chrome - Animated Angry Birds Creators Commercial

In this commercial for Google's Chrome web browser, the creators of the popular mobile game Angry Birds from Rovio discuss their positive experience and the technical benefits of Google's Chrome browser platform. The commercial is strange with lots of distractions from the other birds and features game play scenes in the background, allowing it to take on a quirky style similar to the game itself. Peter Vesterbacka, the lead developer, has been featured prominently in other Google Chrome promotional materials and videos. "Are you angry, Peter? You look angry."

As Google celebrates its 13th birthday today, the company has increasingly aired tv commercials most recently with the "Chrome: the web is what you make it" series, including their Dear Sophie Lee commercial. Prior to their first commercial aired during the 2010 Super Bowl (Parisian Love as part of the Search Stories series), Google had been known for not airing television commercials despite its presence as a prominent multinational consumer technology company.


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