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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Volkswagen Ski Mask Convenience Store Commercial

A menacing looking man in a leather jacket and ski mask walks into a convenience store and starts taking some products off the shelves. Chips, marshmallows, a lollipop, drinks. A customer hides behind some shelves, the cashier follows him suspiciously, assuming he is going to rob the store.

He goes to the register and reaches into his pocket. The cashier says "I don't want any trouble" and the man responds "I don't want any trouble either."

The man runs out with his goods into a snowy scene to join two ski-masked friends in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible. His friend says "you know you forgot to take your mask off right." Someone says "we should probably get out of here" and they drive away while police sirens approach. They cut to the cashier looking confused while holding a $20 bill.

As the car drives through a snowy mountain road, the announcer says:

Introducing the all new Beetle convertible. Now every day is a top down day. That's the power of German engineering.

Music is by Eduard Khil, a Russian baritone known as Mr. Trololo.


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